SurgicEye's Management

Dr. Joerg Traub (CEO)

Dr. Joerg Traub is one of the co-founders and managing director of SurgicEye GmbH. As a CEO he is responsible for General Management, Team Development, Business Development, Production, Marketing and Sales. During his studies of Computer Sciences at Technische Universität München (TUM), Dr. Traub worked for several high-tech companies in Germany, the USA and Singapore including BMW, Siemens and multiple internet start-up companies. In 2005 he received the Werner von Siemens Excellence Award for his exceptional thesis in the field of novel visualization concepts for minimally invasive surgery, in 2008 he received the Ph.D. in medical imaging and navigation with highest distinction.

Dr. Traub coordinated the Image Guided Surgery Group at the Department "Computer Aided Medical Procedures" at TUM where he prepared several industrial and clinical cooperation activities. He is author / co-author of over 40 international papers and eight patent applications. Under his supervision, several new image guided surgery systems were designed, developed and evaluated.

Dr. Thomas Wendler (CTO)

Dr. Thomas Wendler is one of the co-founders of SurgicEye GmbH. He is responsible for the Product Development, Clinical Applications and Studies as well as R&D. Dr. Wendler studied Electronic Engineering at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (UTFSM) in Valparaíso, Chile. For his consistently excellent results, he received various accolades and Best Student of the Year awards. He completed his studies in the field of biomedical engineering at TUM with the DAAD Best Student 2007 Award. In 2010 he closed with highest distinction his Ph.D. in medical imaging.

Before his management activities at SurgicEye GmbH Dr. Wendler was responsible for the research field of Molecular Imaging at the Department for Computer Aided Medical Procedures at TUM. He had also a secondary appointment at the Nuclear Medicine Department at Klinikum rechts der Isar where he was responsible for the installment of the central interdisciplinary research laboratory. He published more than 50 peer-reviewed technical and clinical papers and had more than 10 invention disclosures.

Max Geier, Vice President Finance

Mr. Geier is responsible for SurgicEye’s finance and administration department.

He earned his profound knowledge of the financial sector during his education as banker and his studies of Industrial Engineering and Management with focus of Biotechnology and Environmental Management in Munich. During his career, in different companies in the logistics and biotech sector, Mr. Geier worked in several positions as Controller, Senior Finance Manager and Finance Director. With his extensive financial management experience and his outstanding knowledge in finance and accounting, he had a significant impact on the development of innovative and international start-ups to medium sized companies and plays a major role in SurgicEye’s success.

Stefan Wiesner, Vice President RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT

Mr. Wiesner is responsible for SurgicEye's R&D projects as well as Business Development of SurgicEye.

He studied Computer Science with the focus on Medical Technology. He got a profound education in medical imaging and image guided surgery application. During his academic career Mr. Wiesner designed and developed several software solutions for image guided surgery as a research assistant at TUM, Munich, Germany and Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA. Hewas for multiple years a software engineer and architect for an open source image guided surgery project with Siemens Corporate Research in Princeton, USA.

Mr. Wiesner has exceptional experience in design and development of medical products, project management, software development and architecture expertise and extraordinary creativity and communication skills.

SurgicEye's Advisory Board

Dr. Joerg Stroebel, Chairman of the Advisory Board

Dr. Jörg Ströbel is a management professional with extensive experience in medical equipment business combining scientific and engineering skills with marketing and sales. He has been working in various executive positions in health care and life science for more than 20 years. Since 5 years he acts as founder and Managing Partner of Nuremberg-based Efforma Concepts GmbH & Co. KG, a group of entrepreneurs in healthcare promoting and supporting innovative projects in life sciences and IT. He was Managing Partner of Ziehm Imaging GmbH and acted as business unit manager Bradyarrhythmia at Biotronik GmbH & Co. KG.

Dr. Stroebel is board member of the Sanoris-Foundation, Alumni of Young Leaders Forum BMW-Stiftung Herbert Quandt, as well as director "Medical Engineering" of the Koch-Metschnikow-Forum.

Dr. Stroebel studied Physics and completed his PhD at University of Erlangen-Nürnberg. He was a postdoctoral research fellow at IBM Research Lab in Rüschlikon, Switzerland.

Prof. Dr. Michael Friebe, Deputy Chairman of the Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Friebe is Managing Director of m2f investment, a venture capital company for start-ups in the life sciences sector, as well as id+tm, a consulting company that specializes in medical technology. For almost 20 years in his capacity as founder and investor, he has started numerous companies in the field of medical imaging. In addition to his engagement at Surgiceye, Prof. Dr. Friebe is an Advisory Board Member of Curefab GmbH in Munich, a board member of Eckert&Ziegler BEBIG, as well as a lecturer at the Technical University Munich. He has an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, a medical physics PhD (intra-operative applications for magnetic resonance imaging), a Management degree from a US university, and authored more than 40 medical imaging patent applications.

Dr. Adriaan Hart de Ruijter, Advisory Board Member

Dr Adriaan Hart de Ruijter is entrepreneur and investor in the life science industry, with a special interest in the clinical development, marketing and early adoption of technological innovation. He founded MSOURCE, a clinical research company for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry in 1994. MSOURCE completed numerous international clinical trials for medical device companies, leading to CE approval and IDE. After selling the company to TÜV SÜD in 2008, he focuses on venture capital, finance and advisory. Dr. Hart de Ruijter is a member of the Belgian College of Pharmaceutical Physicians and holds a medical degree of Leiden University and an MBA of the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands.

Christian "Fred" Hieronimi, Advisory Board Member

Christian Hieronimi has founded "Medical Intelligence GmbH" in 1995 during studying economics at the University of Augsburg. The company concentrated on Medical Robotics and Patient Motion Management. It was VC funded by Startkapitalfonds Augsburg, Bayern Kapital, KfW and BayBG. Medical Intelligence sold in 2005 to Elekta, a 3500 employees strong corporation registered at the Stockholm Stock Exchange. After 6 years working in GVP positions at Elekta, Christian Hieronimi is now back in the entrepreneurial world, concentrating on systems for patient safety and quality assurance of complex processes in medicine. He is also shareholder of a number of start-up businesses.

Otto Hopfner, Advisory Board Member

Otto Hopfner graduated at the department of economics at Munich University (LMU). He then gained professional experience at an established bank in the Munich area. Afterwards he started to work for a partly state organized institution, which is specialized on loans and equity for small and medium-sized Bavarian companies. These companies are frequently at their start-up stage and represent a wide range of technological research and innovation. Besides, he has been appointed member of various advisory boards of the respective companies, whose economic progress and development he enjoys accompanying with as much expertise as possible.


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