SurgicEye's products, services, and solutions provide mobile 3D SPECT imaging, hybrid SPECT/ultrasound imaging, interventional guidance, and navigation during radio-guided surgery. The family of declipse®SPECT products consists of declipse®SPECT Open Surgery for gamma probe 3D imaging and guidance during radio-guided surgery, declipse®SPECT Laparoscopy for 3D imaging and guidance during laparoscopic procedures and declipse®SPECT Ultrasound Fusion, a SPECT/Ultrasound hybrid imaging system for superior diagnosis and image guided interventions. declipse®SPECT Ultrasound Fusion provides a tool for thyroid diagnosis, parathyroid diagnosis and pre-surgical imaging, identification and ultrasound guided examination of the sentinel lymph node.


Innovation in Hybrid Imaging – First Time on Stage: SurgicEye’s SPECT⁄Ultrasound System