1st in Asia, Intra Operative 3D Radioguided Surgery System at HCG

1st in Asia, Intra Operative 3D Radioguided Surgery System at HCG
29th August 2013 admin
Bangalore / Munich, August, 29th, 2013 – HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd, The Specialist in Cancer Care, today organized a press conference on treating cancer patients for the 1st time in Asia, with Intra Operative 3D Radioguided Surgery System (SurgicEye).

Dr. Joerg Traub, Inventor & Founder, SurgicEye GmbH, said, “I am impressed by the quality of service and the patient centered approach of HCG and I am convinced that HCG is the best location for the first declipseSPECT installation in Asia. The declipseSPECT will add one more innovation to HCG’s high quality service, providing 3D imaging and guidance support for least invasive surgery and quality assurance in the operating room to document the complete removal.”

Dr. Mahesh Bandemegal, Consultant, Surgical Oncologist, HCG, said, “The usage and benefits of declipseSPECT are varied. This new technology helps us to identify & image the sentinel node intraoperatively. This will help us in accurate localization of lymph node with smaller incisions. Mainly used for Breast Cancer, Skin Cancer, Oral Cancer, Gynecological. It is the most accurate way of detecting and avoiding false negativity.”

Dr. Krithika Murugan, Consultant, Surgical Oncologist, HCG, further stressed on the importance of this technology and added, “Traditionally we were using the Sentinel (Gamma) probe to locate the sentinel lymph node, the accuracy of this was less desirable and involved subjective guesswork on the part of the surgeon. The declipseSPECT, on the other hand, makes this process easier, as it not only gives a 3D location of the lymph node, but also tells the surgeon of the accurate depth at which the lymph node can be found. It is therefore, an excellent navigation tool which helps in negating unnecessary taking out of additional nymph nodes. It is also helpful in localizing very early lesions of the breast not clinically palpable using the ROLL technique.”

“We expect the demand for Radioguided Surgery to experience high acceptance by Surgical oncologist in India and believe SurgicEye technology provides the best choice for full body Sentinel Node Biopsy, added Rahul Kaul, General Manager Advanced Medical Systems (AMS) Singapore, the Asia/pacific partner of SurgicEye Germany. We expect HCG to spearhead many such installations throughout India with its pioneering work in Bangalore said Rahul Kaul.

declipseSPECT: The declipseSpect is a freehand SPECT device intraoperative 3D imaging for radioguided surgery.
Sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) is a method used as a minimally invasive procedure to find the first nodes in the lymphatic system in the drain of the tumor as an indicator for precise tumor staging. Monitoring the lymphatic system and especially lymph nodes is a very efficient way of treating many types of cancers, as malignant cells use this network to spread throughout the patient’s body.
Benefits include: Intuitive and direct access through 3D imaging and depth information, quality assurance through image confirmation of complete resection, increased accuracy and resection control through 3D image viewing and anatomical future. This can facilitate smaller scars, less trauma/morbidity and shorter operation time.

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About HCG Enterprise:
Health Care Global Enterprises Ltd, (HCG) headquartered in Bangalore, is Asia’s Largest Cancer Care Network, with 27 Cancer Centres, 4 tertiary Care Centres and 4 Fertility Care Centres. HCG has redefined the future of healthcare in India by designing, building and managing centres with a committed vision. The vision of HCG is to make high quality healthcare accessible to all by adopting global innovations.

About SurgicEye GmbH:
SurgicEye GmbH is a pioneer in intra-operative 3-D imaging for surgical navigation. The company develops breakthrough tools in the fight against cancer. The declipseSPECT from SurgicEye is the world’s first FDA and CE certified product for intra-operative three dimensional visualization of radio labeled tissues and allows the detection, localization and guided biopsy of sentinel lymph nodes in breast cancer, melanoma and head & neck malignancies. Clinical investigations in other tumor surgery domains promise a wide application domain and huge potential for quality assurance during surgery. declipseSPECT enables surgical procedures to be more sensitive, more reliable and less invasive. SurgicEye’s strong clinical expertise and partner institutions refine our products for seamless integration into existing workflows and demonstrate our efforts to engineer the best possible user experience.

About Advanced Medical Systems, Pte Ltd:
Founded in 1988, Advanced Medical Systems, “AMS” is an established medical devices organization offering innovative multi-disciplinary solutions for centers of excellence across the Asia Pacific region in Radiology, Neurosciences, Orthopedics and Oncology. It is the only organization of its kind to offer a complete range of services required for turnkey facility planning, technology implementation, training, management and finance. Headquartered in Republic of Singapore, AMS directly serves the Asia/Pacific healthcare markets with operating bases & highly trained personnel in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and India for advanced Imaging and minimally invasive therapy systems and services. For further information, visit www.amssg.com.


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