Meet SurgicEye at ESSO 2019 together with experts for radioguided surgery

Meet SurgicEye at ESSO 2019 together with experts for radioguided surgery
12th September 2019 admin

SurgicEye® and Crystal Photonics present themselves on a joint mission to extend the use of radioguided surgery.

You can visit them at the booth 16 during ESSO39 in Rotterdam

Additionally, within the Workshop “Extending the applications of radio guided surgery using intraoperative SPECT“ the international team

  • Dr. Efthymia Papakonstantinou – General University Hospital of Patras – Rio, GREECE
  • Dr. John Orozco – Doctor Peset University Hospital – Valencia, SPAIN
  • Dr. Thomas Wendler – Technical University of Munich / SurgicEye GmbH, Munich, GERMANY

will show the benefits of having guidance and navigation available during your procedure.

The Workshop will take place in the Penn Room on Wednesday October 9th 12:15 – 12:45.

About SurgicEye® GmbH:
SurgicEye® GmbH is a pioneer in intra-operative 3-D imaging for surgical navigation. The company develops breakthrough tools in the fight against cancer. The declipse®SPECT from SurgicEye® is the world’s first FDA and CE certified product for intra-operative three dimensional visualization of radio labeled tissues and allows the detection, localization and guided biopsy of sentinel lymph nodes in breast cancer, melanoma and head & neck malignancies. Clinical investigations in other tumor surgery domains promise a wide application domain and huge potential for quality assurance during surgery. declipse®SPECT enables surgical procedures to be more sensitive, more reliable and less invasive. SurgicEye’s strong clinical expertise and partner institutions refine our products for seamless integration into existing workflows and demonstrate our efforts to engineer the best possible user experience.


About Crystal Photonics
The Crystal Photonics GmbH is a highly specified manufacturer of detector systems and miniaturised nuclear radiation detectors for medical- and industrial measuring technology, research, environmental protection and defence.