declipse®SPECT Imaging Probe

Mobile SPECT Imaging and Gamma Camera Solution on a Small Footprint

The declipse®SPECT Imaging Probe is a mobile SPECT imaging solution with a high resolution on a small footprint.

By scanning around the region of interest, data is captured and used to reconstruct a 3D SPECT image. This 3D image can either be viewed on a DICOM slice viewer or projected on the real-time video image of the patient with augmented reality.

How does it work?

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High Resolution 3D Imaging

Due to its freehand nature the declipse®SPECT Imaging Probe is capable of scanning directly on the surface which results in an increase in image resolution.

Fast acquisition times

In comparison to probe-based declipse®SPECT systems the 256 pixels of the gamma camera provide a lot more data and allow therefore shorter acquisition times.

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Augmented Reality View

For intuitive orientation, the projection of SPECT image is overlaid on a live video image of the patient featuring augmented reality visualization

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2D Gamma Camera Image

When required a live 2D view of the gamma camera is always available in addition to the 3D information provided by the system.

Handheld gamma camera


CZT (CdZnTe)

16×16 detector matrix

2.5mm x 2.5mm pixels

5% energy resolution

Co-57, I-123, Tc-99m

LEHR or LEHS collimator

Literature about declipse®SPECT Ultrasound Fusion

Freesmeyer M, Opfermann T, Winkens T.: Hybrid Integration of Real-time US and Freehand SPECT: Proof of Concept in Patients with Thyroid Diseases. Radiology. 2014 Jan 16